Nepean Aquatic Centre Swim Club - Contact Us

All correspondence should be sent to:


The Secretary 

Nepean Aquatic Centre Swim Club

P O Box 220

Emu Plains   New South Wales   2750

Executive and Committee Contacts



President: Neil Joines 0418405751

Vice President (Competition): Grant McPherson 0411268228

Vice President (Social): Vacant

Secretary: Wendi Davey 0425 211 271

Treasurer: Alan Bentley 0416234574

Race Secretary: Jodi Wilson 0414 689126

Publicity Officer: Julie Fletcher 0416757663                    

Head Coach: Jackie Barck 0411446018



Registrar:  Dave Hanrahan 0437271308

Club Coaches: Karen Bentley 0416234657 

Assistant Treasurer: Karen Bentley 0416234657

Assistant Secretary: Vacant

Club Night Organiser: Trevor Stevens 0408475523

Assistant Club Night Organiser: Dave Hanrahan 0437271308

Uniform Officer Co-ordinators:  Monique Joines 0408 976171 

Program Committee: Alan Bentley 0416235574 &  Karen Bentley 0416234657