Nepean Aquatic Centre Swim Club - Club Night Entries

2019 Summer Club Night Programme

2018-19 Summer Club Night Schedule.pdf
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Please find above our Long Course season schedule. Please print/save as necessary. For those new to club night (or Summer Long Course Season) please note the following:

- A change in venue after week 3 from Nepean Aquatic Centre to Glenbrook Swimming Pool

- Targeted meets are listed at the bottom of the schedule. Most of these will require a qualifying time to enter

- To obtain a qualifying time for a targeted meet, this can be done at club night (if the night is official), or other meets within the Metro South West Area (in the first instance, however, you can attend meets outside the area if you wish)

- For our club night to be official, a starter, referee and 2 timekeepers per lane MUST be present. We will endeavor to make this happen but this cannot be guaranteed as this is all done on a volunteer basis

- More experienced swimmers can take part in our Long Course Championship the events of which are listed at the bottom. Swimmers will earn points on the events that are swum as part of the championship and awards given at the end of the season

Please ensure you keep an eye out for the entry link for week 1, which will be made available through Swim Central

2019 Winter Club Night Programme

2019 Winter Club Night Program.pdf
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