Intermediate vs Competitive

From a Referee's point of view, we don’t like disqualifying a swimmer as a result of them breaching the rules of swimming.


This season the Club has introduced 50 metre Intermediate Events to help our developing swimmers fine tune their swim technique, without having to worry about being disqualified. As Referees, we would encourage parents to seriously consider using these events to assist their child. You can enter your child in any 50 metre event in the Intermediate category.


If you're unsure as to whether your child complies with the rules of swimming, ask one of the Referees to watch them (before they swim in an Intermediate Event) and we’ll give you our opinion.


Club Night is a great chance for the swimmers to practice what they have learnt in their lessons and squads. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for them to socialise, catch up and just have fun with their swimming.


Let’s keep the fun in Club Night and let’s minimize the potential for a disqualification.


Our advice, Intermediate if they’re still not quite there, competitive if they have it all mastered. 


See you at Club Night!



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