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Ironman Fundraiser (30Nov14)

We are in urgent need of an additional 15 volunteers to help with the Ironman Fundraising Event which is on Sunday 30th November at Penrith Lakes. If we meet our target of 35 helpers our club will receive $1300.00. The deadline for registration is this Thursday 20th November. So please register online HERE,
or contact Alan Bentley by email at alan@nepenaswim.com.au for further details.
(added 18Nov14)

Don Boscoe Fun Night Out (29Nov14 7:30-9:30pm)

Fun night out for all registered swimmers at the sports and recreation centre located at 10 Mamre Rd St Mary’s. Parent helpers will be needed to supervise.
For more details please contact Tracey Procter on 0413 280 012.

(updated 19Nov14)

NACSC 2014-15 Season Memberships & Renewals

New Members:
You can swim a total of 4 carnivals (only 2 can be club night) before you are required to register as a member. Yes, club night does count as a carnival.

Renewing Members:
You are not supposed to swim club night or carnivals until you have renewed.

For more details, see the Registration page.

(updated 18Nov14)

Position Vacant: Newsletter Producer

Yes, we need someone to step up and take on the newsletter.

If you want to take this role on, please email the NACSC secretary.
(updated 06Oct14) 

The 'Club Calendar Dates' page has been updated with

upcoming carnivals, entry closures, etc (HERE)

(updated 22Nov14)