Nepean Aquatic Centre Swim Club - About Us

The Nepean Aquatic Centre Swim Club is based in Penrith, New South Wales. The Club caters for swimmers of all abilities ranging from our little splashers to current Paralympians and future Olympians and Paralympians.

All members of our Club train at the Nepean Aquatic Centre located at 16-19 Lambridge Place, Penrith NSW 2750. 


Why Join A Swim Club? 


Swimming is an excellent way to keep children of all ages active. Physical activity provides your child with many lasting health benefits, including:

·         Strong bones and muscles

·         Healthy heart, lungs and arteries

·         Improved coordination, balance, posture and flexibility

·         A reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese

·         A reduced risk of later developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes (type 2 diabetes is increasingly being found in adolescents).

The sport of swimming also provides participants with valuable life skills such as goal setting, discipline, friendship and belonging, teamwork, and the most obvious benefit, the ability to potentially save one’s own life, or others if difficulties are encountered in an aquatic environment. Anyone can join a swimming club no matter what fitness or ability level they are currently at. Swimming clubs provide the opportunity for individuals to swim recreationally (for fun and fitness), and/or for those who want to swim competitively to achieve their personal best!


President: Neil Joines 0418405751

Vice President (Competition): Mel Barry 0431233559

Vice President (Social): Vacant

Secretary: Tony Fokes 0407068484

Treasurer: Alan Bentley 0416234574

Race Secretary: TBC - please contact Neil Joines 0418405751 or Trevor Stevens 0408475523 with Race enquiries

Publicity Officer: Julie Fletcher 0416757663                    

Head Coach: Jackie Barck 0411446018



Registrar:  Dave Hanrahan 0437271308

Club Coaches: Karen Bentley 0416234657 & Aaron Sargent

Assistant Treasurer: Karen Bentley 0416234657

Assistant Secretary: Corine Fokes 0417285377

Club Night Organiser: Trevor Stevens 0408475523

Assistant Club Night Organiser: Dave Hanrahan 0437271308

Vice President Social: Belinda Haes 

Uniform Officer Co-ordinators:  Monique Joines & Kim Stevens

Race Secretary: Jodi Wilson

Program Committee: Trevor Stevens 0408475523 & Alan Bentley 0416235574

Nepean Aquatic Centre Swim Club Constitution and ByLaws
Nepean Aquatic Centre Swim Club Constitu
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